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StepUp | Friends of Susan Dempsay Fund
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Friends of Susan Dempsay Fund


Step Up on Second and Daniel’s Place were founded and nurtured by Susan Dempsay to provide a safe place for individuals experiencing mental health issues to access supportive services and activities on the Westside of Los Angeles.  The Friends of Susan Dempsay Fund was established to help meet the socialization and educational needs of Step Up members unable to get or keep up a job, or attend school. The fund is designated and restricted to help Step Up member’s pursuit of activities or personal necessities that, with limited incomes, they are unable to afford otherwise.

The Friends of Susan Dempsay Fund may be used for items such as:

  • Medical treatments or medical supplies
  • Dental care
  • Eye care and glasses
  • Vocational tools (job clothes, items required for employment)
  • Educational activities or supplies
  • Personal things involved in attending to family matters (transportation, clothes)
  • Because socialization revolves around food and coffee (decaf please), funding supportive services for members of Step Up on Second and Daniel’s Place shall include: two nutritional meals every day; transportation, computer training, art studio, classes in the creative arts (writing, art, music, dance), outings, etc.

How the Friends of Susan Dempsay Fund Works:

Step Up and Daniel’s Place Service Coordinators can request financial support from The Friends of Susan Dempsay Fund for a member through completion of an application. If approved, funds will be paid directly to the provider of the service/item or supply, or to the Service Coordinator. Only under special circumstances will funds be provided directly to the member. The fund may not be used for loans of any kind.

The Friends of Susan Dempsay Fund may receive donations from any source, on an inter vivos or testamentary basis, in cash, or in other property acceptable to Step Up in accordance with its gift acceptance policies.


Support the Friends of Susan Dempsay Fund! 


Special gift designations, such as a Tribute Gift or the Friends of Susan Dempsay Fund, may be made at the check out page!