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StepUp | And They Are Home!
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  • October 11, 2017

And They Are Home!

Since January, Step Up has been preparing to house 54 Veterans experiencing homelessness in the newly refurbished Building 209, located on the West Los Angeles VA Campus. Once Step Up and Veterans Housing Partnership received approval, a move-in date of June 9 was set. Two shifts of volunteers set aside time on June 8 to assemble bed-frames, stock cabinets, make the beds, and add personal touches to ensure each Veteran felt a warm “Welcome Home!”.

On June 9, 54 Veterans met in the multipurpose room to sign their leases! It was a momentous occasion. Step Up staff and Board members (left Marc Van-Asselt and right Mia St. John) were on hand to help the Veterans locate their new homes. Step Up will provide services and property management for Veterans in the building. Recovery “is a process, not a contest,” said Marine Veteran and resident Monte Williams on the historic opening of Building 209.

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